Night Styles









War Paint





15 thoughts on “Night Styles

    • I was thinking back to a crazy time and place where nightmares fuelled by drink and drugs rein hell on misguided party goers, early 80’s goth rock scene, romantic for some, madness for others! Its the art in the storytelling 🙂

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    • Hi Mia! Hope your weekend is going nicely 🙂 I was really pleased with those first 3, its quite random, but I was thinking of Rembrandt’s famous Woman Bathing in a stream painting, it just a cavernous space, I think he might have liked this software!
      Yeah, Mirror was pretty shocking, but it def has “feeling” LOL
      Brian Ferry? Well he does have a very unusual bulk shape to him, and not really very lithe in his movements I always thought – he’s interesting to watch tho! It would take a whole chorus line of Rod Stewarts to compete with one Brian Ferry! 😀
      Thanks Mia! ❤ xx


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