Ageing Punk Rocker!

I haven’t uploaded anything for ages, so I thought I’d share this 3d artwork I just finished, or more than likely finished, cos I can’t think of anything more to do on it – I could make him more sparkly, by adding some chains or more studs or something like purple hair or whatever, but the original idea was to do an ageing punk, so I didn’t want him to look too good – he doesn’t look as old as I intended in the first place, so maybe I shall go over that skin and try and age him some more, but overall I’m pretty pleased.

Thing is with 3d work, it takes so long, I did enjoy doing it, and seeing it through, I got to thinking how I loved studs and shiny things in general when I was younger, getting the chrome effects on the zip was pleasing – took me back to when I first got a leather jacket myself, I was pretty chuffed with myself! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Ageing Punk Rocker!

  1. Cool! The studs and zipper are super realistic. I’d love to see some aging punks walking around! I hate it how people let society tell them they have to pretend to be boring as they get older. There was a site a few years ago called “Advanced Style” and it was pretty much just photos of people in their 70’s+ but dressed in the fiercest fashions! I loved it. Fuck this “aging gracefully” bollocks. I’m going to be a freaky old witch!

    Anyway, ramble ramble. Nice to see you having fun ( well, I’m sure it’s arduous and time consuming, but y’know what I mean) with the digital creations. Tech scares me; I’m allergic to it. SO I’m always a little bit in awe of people who can wrap their heads around it.

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    • Thanks NC, I used to do a lot of laborious stuff growing up, like model making and so forth, that’s probably where the penchant for extreme stoicism came from originally! I seem to respect that particular kind of madness, but I do like quick slap dash stuff too, its much more expressive and magical – however, a buzz is a buzz, even when it takes forever to get there! 😀

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      • Yeah, I’ve time for both the detail and the slap-dash, too. Detail doesn’t scare me, but tech does! I’m useless with it. It just feels alien to me. Which is probably why I get curious about seeing what other people do with it.

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      • There;’s a whole community of people surrounding each 3D software package, all showing their work and learning tutorials and so on, its a bit like a crochet club or something! 😀


    • Thanks Drac! I love playing with my dolls! Its so loopy doing 3D but I just find it addictive, I used zBrush for this, and its still good software I think, its been 15 years or so since I got it, and they did free upgrades all those years, but then today I just found out its been bought out by Maxon, so its going to become subscription like all the other giants – I’m shocked really, but hey ho, I don’t think I shall go down that route, I’m liking Blender – which is free, so I have been trying to get the hang of that lately. I just like to be up to date with the latest tech, its a bit more graphic that arty, but my fav 2D software has also gone a bit more towards graphic orientation too, so I may be taking up the brush more and going old school in the near future, I’ll always do the computer stuff too tho, as long as I have a working machine! 🙂

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